Smoked Jalapeno Poppers

Who doesn’t love jalapeno poppers? 
Simple to make & they taste great. Normally when you get jalapeno poppers they’re fried but a few months ago we attended a BBQ contest & they had poppers. These weren’t just any poppers, these were hickory smoked poppers. BOY OH BOY were they good!! My husband decided we should recreate them, so below is step by step to smoked jalapeno poppers.

Things you will need: Bacon, Shredded Cheese, Cream Cheese (room temp) & Jalapenos

Depending on how many jalapenos you make will determine how many pieces of bacon you need to fry up.

We used 12 jalapenos which gave us 24 total (you don’t have to make this many) so we used 7 pieces of bacon.

Fry your bacon & chop into tiny little bacon bits. Slice your jalapenos in half & scoop out the seeds.

You can leave a few seeds if you like a little extra kick or you can take them all out. Either way they will still taste great.

Above you will see the slice peppers with a layer of cream cheese. Just spoon a little into each pepper & spread it out evenly.

Next you will top with shredded cheese & your bacon bits.

Time to put these on the grill/ smoker.

Only leave poppers on for a minute or 2. Just long enough to get hot & have a little black on bottom. 

They are ready to be eaten as soon as you pull them off the grill. 

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