Chorizo Breakfast Tacos

Since moving to Texas I’ve found my taco horizon expanding. My husband & I joke that I am a taco snob.

Average tacos just want do any longer – step aside boring tacos.

So before moving here I had never heard of Chorizo, boy was I missing out!! His family introduced me to this little whole in the wall Mexican restaurant that I fell in love with. You could say that was the first time this Kentucky girl had ever had authentic Mexican food. When we go there my go to is always chorizo, cheese & salsa tacos. 

So one morning I decided to make breakfast tacos. Not just any breakfast tacos but chorizo, potatoes, egg & cheese breakfast tacos.

Boy were they good! So here we go, this is what you need to do!


5 red potatoes (this depends on how many people you are feeding. This was more than enough for 3 people)

1 roll of Chorizo

Eggs (again this depends on how many people you are feeding. If using small tortillas 1 egg should be enough for 2 tacos)

1 pack of shredded cheese

1 pack of tortillas (I used small tortillas)

1 bottle green salsa (this is optional)

olive oil

black pepper, salt & cayenne pepper

First start by washing & drying your potatoes. Next chop each potato into relatively thin cubes. Do not make them so thin you can see through them. That will cause them to cook too fast & burn.

To season the potatoes requires you to know your taste buds. Pinch of salt & about 3 shakes of pepper. The cayenne pepper is where your taste buds really come into play. If you don’t like spicy food, you need to take it easy on the cayenne or omit it all together. I prefer spicy, so I add a pretty descent amount. 

Add a little more than a cap full of olive oil to your preheated pan. A non stick pan works best for this. Pan should be on medium to high until they start to brown then lower the temp to low to medium heat. You don’t want to burn or dry out your potatoes!

While the potatoes are cooking you can start the chorizo in a separate pan. Set pan on medium heat & cook until chorizo has browned. Be sure to drain the grease. There will be quite a bit of grease & you really don’t want to add that to your tacos. Please note, the grease will be a redish color.

After both the potatoes & chorizo have cooked, heat up tortillas. There are many different ways to do this, I prefer to heat them on the stove.

The microwave is much easier & it really doesn’t change the taste. 

Scrabble those eggs!

Add the chorizo, eggs, potatoes & cheese to your heated tortilla & you are set for a delicious filling breakfast. Don’t forget to add the green salsa.


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