Let’s talk s’mores!

These have been a favorite of mine since I was in girl scouts. I always think back to the camping trips & toasting marshmallows on an open fire.

Finding the perfect stick to use & trying your hardest to catch the marshmallow on fire.

There is nothing better than a marshmallow oozing out from between 2 graham crackers lined with chocolate.  

While my camping days are behind me, my s’more days don’t have to be.

In a magazine I came across a new way to make s’mores. 

These aren’t your average s’mores but they are tasty.

Since making these I’ve come across a couple more ways to make them in house, which I will be trying.

Stay tuned for those!

Don’t they look good!?


40 mini marshmallows

40 wonton wrappers

20 graham crackers

1/3 cup large chunk chocolate chips

7 tbs raspberry jam (optional)

1 egg – beaten

vegetable oil

powdered sugar

First thing you want to do is freeze your marshmallows for about an hour. This is an important step as it helps

keep the marshmallows from melting into a sugary gel inside the s’more.

Next line the first 20 wonton wrappers out on the counter top or cook sheet.

Keep remainder covered under a damp cloth so they don’t dry out.

 Place a piece of the graham cracker in the center of the wonton along

with 2 frozen marshmallows, 2 chocolate chunks & 1 teaspoon of raspberry jam.

Now you will want to brush the edges of the wonton with a little beaten egg & top with an additional plain wonton wrapper.

Press the edges of both wonton wrappers together to seal. Gently fold or crimp the wonton to curl up the edges.

You will need to repeat these steps with all the additional wonton wraps to make your s’mores.

* I placed mine back in the freezer for a few minutes to harden up the marshmallows before frying.*

Fill large pan with 2 inches of oil. Heat oil to 350 F. Carefully slide 2 or 3 s’mores into the hot oil. Do not over crowd the pan.

Each s’more should fry for about 2 minutes on each side or until golden. Watch closely because these can burn quickly!

Once golden, remove using a slotted spoon & lay flat on paper towels to drain.

Top with powdered sugar & serve!


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