Food That Will Regrow


Found this chart on Pinterest.

We use almost everything on this chart monthly so it will

be interesting to see which ones will regrow. 

If anyone has had any luck regrowing produce, I would love to hear which ones.





Perfect Avocados

How to pick the perfect avocados.

Not sure if any of you have ever grabbed a bad avocado or

one that wasn’t quite ripe yet but I sure have.

This little picture chart has saved me a time or two.


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Substitute & Measuring Charts

I have come across a lot of wonderful blogs

& have signed up to receive emails from almost all of them.

Recently I received an email containing these charts which I

thought were extremely helpful. How could I not share these with everyone!?

There are times when I want to make a recipe & I have everything

but that one ingredient. Instead of running to the store for that one thing,

I now how a substitute chart to reference. Genesis!!

Cooking just became a little bit easier.

The chart below is wonderful for measurements.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed to know a measurement

& I turned to google to find my answer. lol